GM wants to take Opel up-market to compete more directly against VW while Chevy will be the budget brand.

GM has unveiled its new brand strategy for Opel and Chevrolet in Europe in a presentation to analysts in Detroit.

GM says it wants to take the Opel brand up-market in Europe and compete head-to-head against VW, particular in both brands' domestic market in Germany.

Chevrolet in Europe will be geared towards being an entry-level brand for customers looking for value.

GM CEO Dan Akerson and Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick were both present at the presentation.

"Opel, because of its heritage and because it's a German brand will be a very viable option for customers looking for a car in Germany, and gets us an opportunity to combat our Volkswagen competitor on their home turf," said Ewanick.

This strategy has actually been in place since 2005, when GM re-introduced the Chevrolet brand in Europe (replacing the Korean Daewoo badge on several models). But GM now needs to better define the respective roles of Opel and Chevrolet on the continent given GM Europe's lagging on margins and profitability within GM as a whole.

Case-in-point for the up-market Opel brand is the new Insignia (pictured above), a successful European model which is sold as a premium car in the United States as the Buick Regal.

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