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In today’s SUV-obsessed automotive world, performance versions of these high-riding models are becoming the norm. Small, medium or big, Mercedes has them all, ranging from the petite GLA 45 to the GLS 63 behemoth. Here we have the middle children of AMG’s SUV portfolio, the GLC 63 in the “Coupe” flavor and the GLE. The former is merely a mid-cycle facelift while the latter is the next generation.

As per Mercedes’ official product roadmap, the GLC refresh is slated to arrive at some point in 2019 and it’s an educated guess to assume the top dog AMG version will grace us with its presence as well. With this being only a nip and tuck, it doesn’t come as a surprise the prototype only has camouflage on the front and rear bumpers. The front grille also remains hidden, but we’re not expecting any major changes.

To figure out the hardware changes the GLC lineup will be going through, including the GLC 63 Coupe, you’ll only have to look at the updated C-Class family. We’re afraid the list of novelties won’t include the MBUX infotainment system since the two lineups are stuck with an older electrical architecture, so the Comand system will soldier on until the next-gen C and GLC.

As for the GLE 63, the regular versions were launched earlier this year, and we’re expecting the cherry on top to arrive towards the end of the decade. Having seen the standard GLE and knowing AMG’s current recipe, it’s not that hard to imagine what is hiding beneath the light camo. Under the hood, there should be somewhere in the region of 600 horsepower to mirror the E63 S.

The reason why this prototype has camouflage around the wheel arches is because the GLE 63 will feature wider tracks compared to the lesser versions of the midsize SUV, and it’s pretty obvious it will also boast AMG-specific quad exhausts. The disguise on the front grille suggests the luxobarge is going to boast the menacing Panamericana look in the same vein as recent “63” models from Affalterbach.

Speaking of “63” models, these might not remain the range-topping versions for a long time as a trademark registration from earlier this year indicates “73” vehicles are coming: G 73, GLS 73, and S 73.

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