Toyota dropped a teaser on social media for its latest TRD edition models, but instead of giving us a tiny glimpse of a bumper or a super-duper close-up on a fender, the automaker gave us the full monte. Here’s your first full look at Toyota’s snazzy sports-sedan TRD makeover for the Camry and Avalon.

Before we go much further, know that Toyota still hasn’t dished up specific information on all the TRD upgrades. For that we’ll almost certainly have to wait until the official debut for both cars at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, but there are still a few things we can suss out on our own. We see a bit more black trim on both cars, with lip spoilers and fresh rocker panel trim part of the appearance package. The black wheels are obviously part of the TRD changes, and it appears the Camry also gets a new rear fascia with a diffuser and an exhaust upgrade. We don’t have to rely just on what we see, however – NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. talks with Rutledge Wood about the TRD tweaks in the video clip above. Here are a few key screengrabs from that interview for a better look at some of the details.

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Most of the attention in this video goes to the Camry, which is obviously the model Toyota campaigns in NASCAR. It definitely gains a bit of attitude with the exterior makeover, but the TRD exhaust piques our interest. It’s clearly shown in the video, and that has us holding out some hope that Toyota will do more than simply bolt up some wings and add red stitching to the interior. We’ve already heard rumors that suspension components will be upgraded, but a bit more grunt from the 301-horsepower (225-kilowatt) V6 in both cars wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Considering the plebian reputation these sedans have built over the years, we’re very keen to see what Toyota has in store beyond what we can see. Those questions will be answered in just a couple weeks at the LA Auto Show.

Source: Toyota via Facebook

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