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Maserati is in a rough spot at the moment as the brand waits for new models to enter its aging lineup. In the meantime, Pogea Racing attempts to add more excitement to the GranCabrio with improvements like a slight power bump and a tweaked suspension. The upgrades are available for the GranTurismo coupe, too.

Gallery: Maserati GranCabrio by Pogea Racing

Pogea Racing adjusts the engine management for the GranCabrio's 4.7-liter V8, and the upgrades take the output to 477 horsepower (356 kilowatts) and 393 pound-feet (533 Newton-meters) of torque – versus 460 hp (343 kW) and 384 lb-ft (520 Nm) of torque in stock form. The tuner claims a top speed of 190 miles per hour (305 kilometers per hour) after the tweaks.

In addition to the extra power, Pogea Racing's GranCabrio also handles better thanks to a set of coilovers. They drop the ride height by 1.575 inches (40 millimeters).

The convertible rides on Pogea Racing's Jules 21 forged 21-inch wheels. According to the company, they use "special aluminium alloys" to lower the weight, while maintaining strength. The pieces measure 9 inches wide in front and 12.5 inches wide at the rear. A set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires wrap around them.

Pogea Racing also offers interior upgrades that are available depending on customer request. The pieces include carbon-fiber trim and bespoke leather upholstery.

According to Maserati's product plan, the GranTurismo and GranCabrio are nearing retirement. The company plans on launching the Alfieri coupe and convertible before 2022 as replacements for the aging models. The new vehicles will be available with plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains. Plus, they'll pack level 3 autonomous capability for owners who will want to take a break from driving their Italian sports car for whatever reason.

Source: Pogea Racing

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News from our tuning kitchen - 

Pogea Racing serving the Maserati GranTurismo al dente forte.


The parallels shouldn’t be dismissed: just like an award-winning kitchen, modifying sports cars takes a skilled, creative hand, a master of the art, someone who knows how to re-arrange sophisticated ingredients and create a new masterpiece with his own personal touch, with character and finesse.


Pogea Racing is one such master, repeatedly managing to add that extra portion of individuality and intensity to Italian sports cars, taking something very special and creating something unique. The latest creation from the Friedrichshafen modification specialists takes either the Maserati GranTurismo or GranCabrio as the base and refines it using the finest possible tuning components.


With just a little effort, Pogea turns the Maserati into a real delicacy: They use a coilover chassis to lower the car’s centre of gravity by 40 millimetres, and fit forged 21” alloy wheels which completely fill the wheel arches. The “Jules 21” rims, made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, underline the sporty attributes of the Maserati outstandingly well, and guarantee the highest level of load-bearing capacity at a low weight, thanks to use of special aluminium alloys.

And the driving pleasure benefits from the wheel sets fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S size VA9,0 x 21 and HA12,5 x 21 with wide-base tyres in VA245/30ZR21 and HA325/25ZR21. The reduction in unsprung mass noticeably improves both handling as well as acceleration and braking performance.


The added agility and lateral dynamics create room for even greater power: For that extra bite in power, Pogea has spiced up the engine management, and also intensified the soundscape with a new sports air filter. This results in an increase in power to 484 PS (356kW) and an enhanced torque of 533 Newton metres. Pogea is breathing new life into the 4.7 litre V8 engine, particularly in the lower rev range, meeting customers’ demands for a livelier engine in the Maserati.


The interior is also a fest for the eyes now, again based on customer requests. To supplement the existing ex-works interior, Pogea  offers a wide range of options. This ranges from carbon details to a bespoke full leather finish. 


You will find more information about the exclusive Pogea Racing modification programme for the Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio online at



Key facts:


Vehicle:                                                       Maserati GranTurismo / GranCabrio



Wheels:                                                       POGEA RACING "Jules 21" - Monoblock Superlight forged wheels

                                                      Front 9.0 x 21

                                                      Rear 12.5 x 21


Tyres:                                         MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S

                                                      Front  245/30ZR21

                                                      Rear 325/25ZR21


Chassis:                                                       Coilcover chassis version 3

                                                      with lowering up to 40 millimetres

                                                      Spacers (optional)



Power increase:                    484 PS / 356 kW at 6.800 Rpm

                                                      533 Nm at 4.400 Rpm


consisting of:                          enhanced engine electronics, sports air filter


V/max:                                      305 km/h V/max

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