Ford's chief makes an appearance on a late night talk show - an unsual move for an automotive industry CEO.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally was a guest last night on the Late Show with David Letterman (an American late-night talk show on the CBS network) where he touted the upcoming electric Ford Focus.

Watch as Letterman takes Mulally, and two beauties apparently there to adorn the Focus as if at a car show, for a drive around the inside of the studio - a very brief drive, of course.

Letterman presses Mulally a little on how slow American brands have been to bring electric cars to market. But Mulally plays it cool and does his best impression of a Ford commercial for the entirety of his appearance - including throwing in Ford's tag line "Feel the Difference" while Dave was at the wheel.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally touts electric Focus on Letterman [video]