The U.S. economy is in rough shape these days and hard working folks are having to making dramatic changes to their lifestyles to make ends meet. A perfect example is this Toyota Prius which has undergone a serious tranformation from economical hybrid to pickup truck hauler.

Photographed by a WCF reader in the mountains of North Carolina, the Prius conversion starts off well with what appears to be a cleanly fabricated rear wall with sliding vent window. However, as we move towards the rear, the integrity of the job starts to trail off as seen in the rivoted bumper fascia, unfinished quarter panel tack welds and PVC tubing frame to keep the loose fitting bed liner from flying out.

Undoubtedly, for the owner of this transgendered Prius, function over form is the main priority, but surely the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will have somewthing to say about it.

Special thanks to Al for sending the pics!

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