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We try not to source too much of our news from the British tabloid media, but when it comes to Top Gear hosts, we do make an exception.

This story comes to us courtesy of the Daily Star, which says that Top Gear host Richard Hammond is tired of the role he's been cast in on the show - that of being the 'cute, little' sidekick to crusty curmudgeon Jeremy Clarkson.

The story quotes an alleged source close to the Top Gear program as saying:

"Richard is not happy. He feels he has been left behind a bit and doesn't have a defined identity on the show. Everyone knows Jeremy is the grumpy old man and James May is the old lady who drinks real ale and is a bit of a Sunday driver. But Richard reckons the only thing he is known for is the high-speed crash he had on the show which nearly killed him. He has put his life at risk for the show lots of times and feels it's a bit unfair that he isn't a bigger part [sic]. He has made his feelings clear to his bosses and they have promised him a bigger, more defined role."

Hey, we didn't know the show was so heavily scripted.

And we certainly hope the Daily Star didn't get the news by hacking Hammond's phone. Poor little guy.

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