BMW sales for the first seven months of 2011 have risen 13 percent compared to just 7.3 percent for Mercedes-Benz.

In the race for top-selling premium brand in the U.S.-market, BMW is not looking back.

The Bavarian brand pulled even more ahead of its main German rival in the market, Mercedes-Benz, in dominating the market's premium sector in July.

Sales for the month rose 12 percent for BMW to 21,409 units. BMW's has seen a healthy 13 percent growth in sales for the first 7 months of the year to 135,114 units. For Mercedes-Benz, the figure was 129,932 vehicles, an increast of 7.3 percent.

Sales through July for Lexus, the top-selling premium brand for most of the last decade, fell 19 percent to 102,549 units - a fall due mainly to production problems caused by the Japanese quake and tsunami disaster last March.

BMW sales were driven by popular models such as the 5-Series and the X3 SUV.