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Have you ever witnessed someone doing something dumb and dangerous behind the wheel of a car and looked around desperately to see where the police are? Deep down you know if you did the same thing, the cops would show up lights blazing with a police helicopter overhead just in case you decided to run. Rarely is the world fair; however, there are moments of justice that play out, which deep down make you feel terrific about the universe. Take the video above where two would-be overtakers receive swift and sweet justice. 

The video opens with a car slowly trudging down a two-lane road stuck behind traffic. The pace is leisurely, yet for two impatient drivers, that’s still too slow. One decides to pass the line of traffic by driving into the oncoming lane. A few moments later another car follows, thinking if one car did it so can he. The cars disappear beyond the dash cam’s view. But it’s only moments later when flashing lights and blaring sirens emerge with the two illegal overtakes having to reverse back down the road. You can hear the driver of the car with the dash cam cracking up. 

And it’s a sweet moment of poetic justice. Here are two impatient drivers who meet a gaggle of police on motorcycles to push them back down the road. The video is sadly short because we would have loved to see the aftermath – a gaggle of police officers writing two tickets for illegal passing. We'd pay to watch this. 

It’s rare karma is delivered so swiftly, but when it does happen, boy does it feel good. Driving down the wrong side of the road is dangerous no matter how impatient you are. Hopefully, these two drivers learn their lesson and don’t do such a thing again. 

Source: Dash Cam via YouTube

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