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The German tuner Manhart generally specializes in adding significantly more power to BMW's products, but the firm now has its first modified Porsche complete. The TR700 uses a 911 Turbo as a starting point but fits upgrades that push the output to 703 horsepower (524 kilowatts) and 716 pound-feet (971 Newton-meters) of torque. In comparison, Porsche's own GT2 RS pumps out 690 hp (515 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque. In a new video, Shmee150 finds out how Manhart's new creation drives.

The modifications don't hinder the 911 Turbo's everyday drivability. Shmee150 spends the early part of this clip driving the gold-accented coupe around a German town, and it appears quite comfy. In the normal driving mode, the revised exhaust is quiet, and the ride is firm, although not bone breaking, even with the  H&R lowering springs that drop the stock ride height by 1.18 inches (30 millimeters). Engaging the Sport or Sport Plus modes open valves in the mufflers to create a much louder sound.

Unfortunately, the TR700's extra power is essentially useless on most roads. Even a brief stab of the throttle is enough to break the speed limit on most streets. Shmee150 is able to find an unrestricted section of Autobahn to stretch the Porsche's legs, though. With over 700 hp, the vehicle's velocity grows rapidly, and it can cruise at this pace effortlessly. If you don't live in Germany, the immense power might go to waste, though.

After taking a drive, Shmee150 returns to Manhart's showroom for a closer look at the car. The exterior is a deep coat of black with gold stripes on the hood and along each door. It rides on a matching set of TechArt Formula IV wheels with gold brake calipers behind them. The rear spoiler comes from the firm Moshammer, and the piece carries a more complex design than Porsche's stock wing.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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