As a result of the investigations carried out by the FIA it has become clear that Ferrari information was more widely disseminated within McLaren than was previously communicated.

Criminal and civic actions continue

The McLaren v Ferrari spy case is finally coming to a close with McLaren publicly apologizing to the FIA and Ferrari. FIA had given McLaren a 'way out' by offering a deal where McLaren would apologise and FIA would drop the investigation into the 2008 car, which was supposed to be met over on February 14.

In their statement from yesteday. 'McLaren wish to make a public apology to the FIA, Ferrari, the Formula 1 community and to Formula 1 fans throughout the world and offer their assurance that changes are now being made which will ensure that nothing comparable to what has taken place will ever happen again.'

Turns out that McLaren's internal investigation did not go deep enough and resulted in the FIA instead investigating and finding the actual 'leaked' information. McLaren also recognises the fact that they should have contacted the FIA and Ferrari when Nigel Stepney first came forth with the stolen data, much like Renault's actions in their spying case versus McLaren.

Ferrari reacted today. 'In the light of McLaren's apology and the guarantees it has presented, Ferrari respects the proposal of the FIA President to cancel the extraordinary general meeting of the WSMC scheduled for 14th February coming, thus bringing this incident to a close from a sporting point of view. However, it is confirmed that criminal actions underway in Italy and civil ones in England are still continuing.'

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