Q2 baby crossover is the first to get it, but the R8 supercar can also feature the special paint.

Being a premium automaker, it makes sense that Audi is offering a ton of customization options for virtually all of its models. Be it the entry-level A1 or the flagship A8, customers have numerous ways to personalize their future cars to match their varied tastes and preferences. Those wanting to stand out will be happy to hear the Four Rings are kicking things up a notch in terms of individualized finishes by introducing the partial matting paint process.

The Ingolstadt-based marque proudly mentions it’s the first automaker in the industry to offer this patented fancy finish on a series production model with the Q2 #2 special edition. You can easily observe the baby crossover’s newly styled sideblade, and it’s also available for the “Audi Sport” lettering on the R8’s carbon fiber sideblade.

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Speaking of the R8, the naturally aspirated V10 machine was actually the first Audi to feature partial matting, with the launch of the limited-run selection 24h edition (pictured below) back in the summer of 2016. For the latest version of the supercar, the special finish can be had through the Audi exclusive program, so it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. It will take the company only about a minute to apply the finish since the process has been automatized compared to the R8 from two years ago for which the partial matting was mostly done by hand.

Partial matting is achieved by sticking a template of thin plastic film onto the body panel and then a bespoke system sprays that body component under vacuum with a fine powder of crushed glass. According to Audi, this process effectively shaves off a few thousandths of a millimeter from the top layer of the clear lacquer while making it slightly rougher.

The Q2 #2 special edition has been available in its domestic market since mid-October and other countries will be getting the pint-sized crossover with the special paint in the months to come.

Source: Audi

Gallery: Special edition of the Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus: “selection 24h”

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Audi puts partial matting into volume production

  • Innovative technology enables pixel-precise images on painted surfaces
  • First large-series application with the #2 special edition of the Audi Q2 

Audi customers will be able to drive even more individualized cars in the future – thanks to partial matting. With the #2 special edition of the Audi Q2, the brand is now using this innovative painting process for the first time in volume production. A fine beam minimally roughens the top layer of paint and creates a matt image. In this way, lettering, logos or photos can be displayed on the painted sheet metal with pixel accuracy and abrasion resistance. Audi is the first automobile manufacturer to offer its customers this kind of individualization.