It’s time for more drag racing action featuring everyone’s favorite modern-day quarter-mile hero, the Dodge Challenger Demon. We’ve seen numerous videos of the Demon in action at the drag strip, and we know it’s designed to not just go fast, but launch like a scalded cruise missile. This clip has the modern muscle machine facing off against a glorious old Dodge Charger – itself a bastion of horsepower – but it’s the Demon’s vicious launch that has us absolutely floored this time.

We try not to spoil the ending for these racing clips, but folks you know the Charger is going to lose. Yes, it looks fantastic and judging by the wheels, it’s not fresh-from-the-1960s stock. In fact, the car ultimately runs a 12.82 at 113.99 mph, which isn’t remotely slow by any means. Unless that Charger was packing an honest-to-goodness original 426 Hemi, it’s had some considerable work done under the hood to run that fast. Mount up some better tires to eliminate all the wheelspin at the launch, and that Charger could run low 12s.

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The Demon, on the other hand, didn’t have even a tiny problem with traction at the line. If you haven’t watched the video yet the screenshot above will give you an idea of what we’re talking about. The light turned green, the Demon’s soft rear suspension squatted under the power, and the car was just freaking gone. By the time the poor Charger passed the tree, the Demon was already a couple of bus lengths in front. That’s what drag racers call a holeshot, and it’s where the real power of the Demon lives.

Yes, that monster V8 underhood makes all kinds of power, but the suspension tuning that shifts weight to the back is the Demon’s real trump card when it comes to dedicated quarter-mile racing. Combine that with sticky tires and prolific power, and you get what you see here – a car that can rotate the planet every time it launches. 

Source: Wheels via YouTube

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