We’ve already introduced you to SpeedKore’s incredible carbon fiber Dodge Challenger Demon, currently wowing crowds at the 2018 SEMA Show. The tuning company takes the tried-and-true formula of adding power and reducing weight to the extreme, and it certainly shows in this incredible build. The extra power comes through a twin-turbo conversion, replacing the stock Demon’s massive supercharger with prolific boost – enough for the car to make no less than 1,400 horsepower (1,044 kilowatts) on E-85 pump gas. The weight reduction comes through replacing every bolt-up factory body panel with a new carbon fiber piece, and aside from the lightened load it looks absolutely stunning.

In fact, it looks so good that, after a thorough day snapping photos at SEMA, we had to go back for some video. The body panels are autoclaved and sprayed with a matte top coat, and the result is a factory fit-and-finish that looks amazing up close. The video captures some of that magic, but this is one of those cars where even the best shots are barely a substitute for seeing the creation in real-life. If SpeedKore should happen to show the car near you, plan for a visit.

Gallery: Twin-turbo Dodge Demon

If, however, SpeedKore races the car near you, also go see it because as far as we know it’s the fastest Dodge Demon on the planet. The custom twin-turbo setup also uses a custom-built fuel system, and with the turbos creating 26 pounds of boost the engine is a bonafide monster. Just over 1,200 hp (895 kW) reaches the rear tires, and it can send the Demon through the quarter-mile in 8.77 seconds at 162 mph. That may not sound like much of an improvement over a stock Demon, but at these kinds of speeds, it takes exponential power to go just a little bit faster. And on the track, a one-second difference translates to bus lengths at the finish line.

If you’re in the Las Vegas neighborhood and can get into SEMA, SpeedKore with be there with the carbon fiber Demon through tomorrow. Otherwise, live vicariously through Motor1.com with our video tour above.

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