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Volkswagen is teasing a new pickup on the way to the Brazilian market, but the company is being abundantly clear that "the vehicle concept could conceivably be suitable for other regions." The truck premieres at the São Paulo International Motor Show on November 6.

The unnamed vehicle rides on VW's oft-used MQB platform, specifically the tiny A0 variant that underpins the VW Polo and T-Cross. VW offers no powertrain details, but the concept, at least, is all-wheel drive. 

Based on VW's concept sketch, the concept pickup has a four-door body. The general styling appears to be chiseled to give the truck a tough demeanor. The bed features a variable load area that lets owners extend the cargo room by opening a panel in the double cab. VW also claims the concept is "digitally networked" without providing any detail about what it means with this ability.

When the truck comes to market in near future, the model would sit below the much larger Amarok pickup but above the Saveiro. The smaller Volkswagen would compete in Brazil against vehicles in the segment like the Fiat Toro and Renault Duster Oroch.

While this production version of this Volkswagen pickup might be available outside of Brazil, don't look for it to come to the United States. The so-called "chicken tax" puts a 25 percent tariff on imported pickups. Since the VW comes from Brazil, the added cost of bringing the pickup into the U.S. would likely make the vehicle too expensive to compete in the American market.

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October 30, 2018

Premiere in Brazil: Volkswagen presents its pioneering pickup concept vehicle in São Paulo

→ Innovativepickupconcepttoreceiveitsworldpremiereatthe São Paulo International Motor Show

→ Near-productionconceptvehiclecombinesurbanSUVstyle elements with the DNA of a cleverly conceived pickup

Wolfsburg – At the São Paulo International Motor Show on 6 November, Volkswagen will celebrate the world premiere of an extraordinary pickup concept1, which fuses the features of a digitally networked SUV and the versatility of a consistently well-thought-out pickup to form a new, urban-oriented vehicle. One of the especially noteworthy innovations of this concept is the multivariable loading area: in just a couple of simple steps it can be significantly extended thanks to the folding rear panel of the double cab.

The concept car is positioned below the Amarok, but is based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB), just like the successful Tiguan compact SUV. The world premiere of this all-wheel drive concept vehicle also starts the countdown to the launch of the series version; the model is due to launch on the Brazilian market in the foreseeable future with just a few minor tweaks. This new pickup’s potential is so great, however, that the vehicle concept could conceivably be suitable for other regions.

1) Concept car

About the Volkswagen brand: “We make the future real”

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is present in more than 150 markets throughout the world and produces vehicles at over 50 locations in 14 countries. In 2017, Volkswagen delivered 6.23 million vehicles, including bestselling models such as the Golf, Tiguan, Jetta or Passat. Currently, 198,000 people work for Volkswagen across the globe. The brand also has over 7,700 dealerships with 74,000 employees. Volkswagen is forging ahead consistently with the further development of automobile production. E-mobility, smart mobility and the digital transformation of the brand are the key strategic topics for the future.

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