German automaker hopes that the new design of the 2012 Beetle will appeal to younger and more male buyers.

In our comments here, from some of our more frank members, the VW Beetle often gets referred to as a 'woman's car'.

Unfortunately, the stereotype appears to hold true, at least in the United States market. But VW wants to change that and the German automaker says the new 2012 Beetle is a "more masculine car" than its predecessor - the New Beetle.

American buyers of the New Beetle were more than 65 percent female. For the current model, VW hopes to slice that stat down to an even 50:50 between the two sexes.

According to Rainer Michel, VW of America's chief of product marketing and strategy, the 2012 Beetle offers a styling, with its higher beltline, that will appeal to male drivers more. Also, adding horsepower to the base model should attract more men to the showroom too.

Michel also believes VW can drop the average age of a U.S. Beetle buyer from 58 to 36.

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