Airline was offering tickets for $4 to fly the 37 miles from Burbank to Long Beach to circumvent the closing of highway 405 in Los Angeles.

The 405 freeway in Los Angeles will be closed for repairs this upcoming weekend through the Sepulveda Pass, wreaking havoc with LA traffic in an event that's been dubbed "Carmageddon".

In response to the traffic crisis, JetBlue Airways put up a special offer on its website for two flights each way between Burbank and Long Beach to circumvent the closure. The flights were sold out within four hours, not surprising given that the airline was charging just $4 for the tickets.

JetBlue spokeswoman Sharon Jones told the Los Angeles Times that:

"We thought this would be a fun and unique idea. We looked at it as a way to introduce our product to customers who have never joined JetBlue."

The $4 flight takes just 20 minutes and covers a distance of 37 miles.

JetBlue sells out flights to get around 'Carmageddon' in LA