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Rap stars love McDonalds. They also love their flashy supercars. Therefore, rap stars love to be at McDonalds with their supercars!

But this one Norwegian rapper Tshawe Baqwa from the group Madcon wasn't so lucky on his McDonalds supercar evening.

Apparently, Tshawe's Lamborghini Gallardo burst into flames at the McDonalds drive-through in Oslo, Norway, completely turning the Italian supercar into flame broiled bull (Burger King might have something to say about).

But the kicker is that the Gallardo wasn't even his. Registered to JBU Grimstad AS, which is owned by shipping magnate John B. Ugland, the rapper borrowed it to go pick up his Happy Meal.

Fortunately no one was injured in the fire despite damage to the McDonalds building.

Thanks to Fredrik for the tip!

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