Chrysler makes the list for its Dodge Nitro Kills A Dog advertisement.

Chrysler has found themselves at number 56 on the Fortune magazine list of the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business for 2007, because of a viral ad the company commissioned for its Dodge Nitro SUV.

Earlier this year, a viral ad for the Dodge Nitro began making rounds on the internet.  The advertisement featured a red Dodge Nitro minding its own business, until an American Bulldog walks into frame looking for a place to relieve itself.  After sniffing the front passenger tire of the Nitro for a second, the dog raises its hind leg and begins peeing on the SUV.

The SUV, clearly upset by this turn of events, fires a fierce bolt of electricity at the dog, striking it dead.  The without mercy SUV then fires a second bolt, scorching the dog to a nice crispy black.  The tagline appears:  Dodge Nitro.  Charged With Adrenaline.

Animal rights groups complained, and after a few weeks of the ad circulating around the intertubes DaimlerChrysler pulled the spot.  The company tried to claim they did not have full knowledge of the ad's existence.  The commercial was made by BBDO Netherlands.

The ad has disappeared from YouTube, with Chrysler claiming using their ownership of the copyright to keep the ad from resurfacing.  If you would like to see the spot, our friends at Jalopnik still have it up on their site.

Chrysler Named No.56 On 101 Dumbest Moments In Business List