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When Alessandro Camorali and Alessio Minchella started talking about the Fiat 500 while working at Pininfarina, they realized they could create a kit for the car that would better exemplify "the soul and the uniqueness of the old Fiat Abarths combined with the new Fiat 500 coolness," according to their website.

Out of those discussions comes the 500 Marcia Corta, or "Short Gear", a new kind of Fiat 500 tuner. While it is not the only retro rally 500 available (check out the Abarth 500 R3T), it may be the tuned version with the best integrated add-on parts. Based on the 500 Abarth/EsseEsse, the designer and product specialist added four new headlamps as part of a front bumper overhaul. They also created a new side skirt, rear spoiler, rear bumper and exhaust for the vehicle.

As for street cred, these two have lots of it. Camorali worked with the Ferrari Style Office on the 599XX and GTO, as well as the 458 Italia. Minchella has shown off his work from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) at the Geneva Auto Show, and has worked on projects with AutoStudi, Fiat, Magneti Marelli, Stile Bertone, and Valeo Lighting.

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