With a little bit of self ridicule, we like to refer to our five-man team as the tech bubble's longest running startup. With that in mind, we like to mark our 10th anniversary with the announcement of our latest WCF beta site redesign.

In a nutshell, WCF beta 2011 includes:

  • enhanced comments system including "reply to a reply", posting comments are instant
  • comments on photo albums
  • thumbs up/down voting for comments. Comments which receive high amount of thumbs down votes are collapsed out of site but can be viewed again manually
  • sort all comments by oldest or newest
  • enhanced login system via WCF, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Aol or Yahoo accounts
  • left navigation bar removed for a wider cleaner look
  • new video section
  • easier navigation
  • faster loading site
  • new top stories section on front page, in case you missed any breaking news stories
  • many other functional and aesthetic details (e.g. photo/comment counters, related link thumbnails, Twitter and Google +1 share links, etc.)

The beta site can be accessed by clicking on the blue floating toolbar at the bottom of the page or clicking here. You can access it using your WCF login of course, but also with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Aol or Yahoo accounts.

We will continue to develop the beta site and hope to launch in the coming months.

click here to go to our beta site

Your feedback is critical, so please leave your comments below.