To protest Volkswagen's decision to oppose CO2 reductions, Greenpeace has launched a campaign which parodies the automaker's critically-acclaimed Super Bowl ad for the 2012 Passat (US-spec).

According to Greenpeace, "VW is at the heart of a group of companies lobbying against new laws which we need to cut CO2 emissions, reduce our oil use and protect places like the Arctic from climate change."

While it's obvious that most of this is just a Jedi mind trick, Greenpeace says "For every 'greener' vehicle VW sells, there are around 15 others which emit much more C02. Volkswagen adds a huge price mark-up for its greener vehicles - way above the cost of the technology - as it tries to cash in on your green conscience."

Yes, Volkswagen is evil. Profits are evil. Volkswagen's EV plans are evil. Volkswagen's plug-in hybrid plans are evil. We're all going to die, because of Volkswagen. Oh, wait, we're still here...

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