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After showing off the production-spec GT Launch Edition at this year's Monterey Car Week, Automobili Turismo e Sport Automobili (or simply ATS) is finally offering the general public more information about its limited-edition machine. ATS only plans to build 12 units of the GT Launch Edition as a nod the total production of the 1964 ATS 2500 GT. Prices for them start at $850,000 or 740,000 euros, but the model's bespoke nature means that the cost can grow quickly. ATS has already sold three of these machines, leaving nine of them up for grabs.

The ATS GT is supposed to look like a modern reinterpretation of the company's original vehicles. The design is actually far more modern, though. The low-slung nose and side-mounted intakes give the model a look akin to the current crop of McLarens or an Audi R8. ATS uses carbon fiber to construct both the body and chassis to keep weight down.

Inside, ATS keeps things very simple. Rather than the modern trend of using several large screens, there are simply two knobs on the dashboard for selecting driving modes and other options. In addition, two switches also allow for raising the rear wing and toggling between manual or automatic gearbox controls.

Power comes from a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 that makes 730 horsepower (544 kilowatts). The optional ATS Corsa Package bumps the output to 830 hp (619 kW), though. There are also available Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

At least one ATS GT is already on the road. A video caught the driver having some trouble by scraping the front end while trying to negotiate a tiny transition from a parking lot and onto the road. Given the high price and limited production, it was quite a painful sound.

Source: Automobili Turismo e Sport Automobili 

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Automobili Turismo e Sport

Media Kit: ATS presents the GT Launch Edition in a successful series of events in the U.S.A.

Turin, October 10th 2018

ATS, Automobili Turismo e Sport, is proud to announce the GT Launch Edition, final and production version of the highly acclaimed prototype introduced for the first time to the public, only one year ago during the event Salon Privé in England. Wanting to honour last year's Best in Show victory of Bruce Milner's original 1964 2500 GTS at The Quail in 2017, the supercar was been unveiled during the prestigious 2018 Monterey Car Week at The Quail.

The United States is ATS' most important market. The brand is well known among local enthusiastic car collectors, 5 of the original 12 2500 GT reside in United States. The new ATS GT made its maiden voyage to the United States thanks to ISSIMI and the recognition of renowned writer, photographer and judge, Winston Goodfellow. Winston is an ATS expert and with ATS is thinking of new ideas for the future of the brand.

ISSIMI Inc. is an automotive advisory firm based in California and is a trusted partner of both individual collectors and boutique brands. ISSIMI provided incredible support to the ATS team during the entire US tour and will guide ATS in the US market going forward.

Continuing its successful debut on the West Coast, the GT featured at the prestigious Concorso Italiano parade introduced by Tom McDowell and Raffaello Porro. After the Monterey Car Week events, the car traveled to the East Coast to attend The Bridge in the Hamptons.

ATS is also very proud to announce Michelin as the official technical partner for tires. During the development phase, its Pilot Sport CUP2 and Pilot Sport 4S range proved to be the perfect mix between grip, durability and noise reduction, making it the ideal choice to match the GT's unique temperament on the road. The ATS GT was displayed at the Michelin stand at Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week and 2017 and 2018 saw ATS go through a meticulous development phase alongside the creation of a worldwide dealer network, which will ensure new owners have continued after sales support.

Built on one of the best carbon fiber chassis and powertrains available on the market today, the entire car has been developed to be a modern reinterpretation of ATS's original run of 12 cars, featuring a futuristic retro-inspired full-carbon bodywork, which has proven to be both aerodynamically efficient and staggering to look at. The GT has been developed true to its name: it is a Gran Turismo, a car designed to offer unparalleled levels of comfort wrapped in a high-performance package. The engineering focused on developing a car made to excel on longer journeys, where the interior is a luxurious cocoon for the occupants. New technologies have been developed specifically and used for the first time in an automobile in order to deliver a unique experience to both driver and passengers.


True to the nature of every gran turismo, the GT is the project of a fine automotive atelier: the research of details has produced a car that will be regarded as an instant collectible to fine connoisseurs. Inspired inside by the simplicity and minimalistic style of the classic Italian cars, all the interior switches that control the sophisticated and numerous on-board systems have been simplified and reduced to a bare minimum in order to be more intuitive to use while driving and make a welcoming and luxurious environment inside.

The Cuore® driver-car interface utilizes ATS's own internal ergonomic design: via a single switch on the tunnel console the driver can activate the system, which can be controlled by its unit under the dashboard. Housed in a prestigious cnc machined aluminium module and designed to be easy and intuitive to use, the interface uses only 2 knobs to allow to tailor individually the engine, suspension and gearbox response according three different maps: Viaggio, Sport and Corsa. Via 2 additional aeronautical switches, it is also possible to select between manual or automatic transmission and activate the rear wing. Upon its introduction in 2017, the GT has been the first car in the world to have an external ultra-thin digital high-resolution TFT cluster, surrounded by a fully milled aluminium frame. Its minimal and futuristic graphics display provides all the vital information to the driver and the four central touchscreen gauges can be customized to show the climate-control info, HiFi, watch and the phone. Another distinctive feature of the interior is the patented ATS Shiftknob and Gearlever® with its unique fully milled open linkage design, which not only offers a pleasant tactile experience but a satisfying metallic sound when operated instead of the paddle shifters. Its specific engineering composed of cylindrical bars, connecting rods, high precision flexible couplings and adjustable ring nuts also allows to tailor the hardness of the mechanical response according to the driver's driving style.

Comfort is a top priority for ATS Automobiles. The cockpit has a professional soundproofing system and this allows to drive long distances and communicate in relax without boring engine sounds and this is a remarkable achievement as it is a supercar. To make the unique driving experience enveloped in an environment of comfortable design and fine finishes, the music completes the work. The ATS GT is in fact the first car in the world with a professional sound system, known as Prima Orchestra®, based on the use of sophisticated planar magnets technology. The entire cockpit is designed to have the best possible acoustics, in order to reflect the audio waves in an excellent way and to give passengers the excellence of sound from classical to dance music without distortion and with an impeccable level of purity. The Prima Orchestra® system will be the joy of audiophiles as it offers sound management "Soundstage live effect" thanks to the innovative SCHEMA TRIO® layout that operates through a series of specially designed and positioned loudspeakers, and three ultra-thin super-tweeters in dipole emission, suspended, and that thanks to their specific angle of attack generate the same effect that is had when listening to a real orchestra live in a theater.


The aerodynamic, full-carbon-fiber bodywork has been designed to be a reinterpretation of the original Franco Scaglione design. The contemporary bodywork provides to be functional and striking to look at the same time, with its distinctive side-blades adding to the unique character of the GT. The rear lights have a unique and floating design, as they look completely detached from the car itself. They provide the vital function to extract the hot air from the engine bay, and they work at their best, especially when the car is moving thanks to the dynamic air effect created by the roof air intake.

The ATS' own SISTEMA-TRIO® hand-welded titanium is one of the few exhausts that utilizes three mufflers: thanks to an active system it can bypass the central one to create a more involving sound when the car is in Corsa mode and be quiet when it is in Viaggio mode.

Engine output can vary according to each customer wishes: with the optional ATS Corsa Package, power is increased from 730 to 830 hp or more, thanks to a specific mechanical and electronic design of the powertrain. With the enhanced performance from its 3.8 liter V8 and a state-of-the-art carbon fiber chassis and the optional Brembo ATS GTR carbo-ceramic brakes, the new GT Launch Edition will be an exciting supercar for both daily and track use.

ATS' obsession for details is evident throughout the entire car: from the OLED logo with the same turquoise colour of the past to the touchless handle to the in-house designed and developed super-light forged aluminium wheels, offered with the distinctive unfinished look on the spokes, in order to showcase the beauty of the raw material, the GT is a feast for those who truly think that the devil is in the details.

Only 12 GT will be made in Launch Edition, the same number as the original run of 1964 and the first three are already spoken for. Each one will be different and bespoke to the desires of each customer. ATS is an automotive atelier whose aim is to create custom-tailored automobiles which will be regarded as instant collectibles and exclusive pieces of automotive art. Each aspect of the car can be modified to tailor each owner's individual taste, reflecting quintessential Italian craftsmanship and savoir-fare. The GT Launch Edition is a car for those enthusiasts who regard cars as objects of pure beauty-in-motion, so every detail counts. Each car will be made like a fine hand-made tailored suit, designed and built to be the perfect companion in every part of the day.

U-BOAT ATS exclusive watch

ATS is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with the Italian haute horologerie Maison U-BOAT. Famous for his handcrafted and limited edition pieces, unique watches, guaranteed by finest Italian craftsmanship, Italo Fontana, always looked for partnership with a brand sharing same vision and values. For ever passioned by Italian supercars he finally find the right partner in ATS. Among the technical innovations, the U-BOAT digital watch added in the car and part of the dashboard of the advanced cockpit. Along with the digital watch U-BOAT and ATS will launch a limited edition of 50 Chimera 46 mm Titanio Skeleton watches personalized with the ATS logo on the dial and available for all the enthusiast either of the car and of the watch brand. Currently under preparation, another watch will be added in the car with the option of being removed and converted into a pocket watch and if necessary in a wrist watch once placed in its own chassis. This timepiece will be detachable, allowing the owner to use it either as a pocket or as a wrist watch, ensuring unique elegance and timeless style both in and out of the car. find-in-ats-the-perfect-automotive-partner


To remark the bespoke and individual nature of every GT Launch Edition, customers will have the opportunity to have their own signature engraved in high end materials in the steering wheel, a never-before-seen feature in such a high-level Gran Turismo. Base price for the GT Launch Edition will be 740.000 Euros ( 850.000 USD ) excluding VAT.

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