Premium German brand is playing catch-up with BMW which already had a test track at the show in 2009.

Audi does not want to be left behind.

The German premium brand is playing catch-up with its arch-rival BMW and will be putting up its own test track at the Frankfurt motor show this September.

Integrated into its exhibition hall at the famed auto show will be a 400-meter (1312 ft) long track that loops into the building from outside. Audi will allow visitors to test drive about a dozen different models, including race cars.

"We'll make a strong statement," says Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. "It'll be surprising, emotional, architecturally great, with a real wow effect."

BMW put up a test track at the Frankfurt show in 2009 and Mercedes-Benz quickly followed suit too.

The 3 German premium brands have gotten more competitive in their spending on car shows recently as each try to outdo the other two and create more of an impact for their marques.

The Frankfurt motor show takes place September 15 to the 25 (public days).

Audi to have indoor track at Frankfurt show