The upcoming BMW Z2 could be offered with all-wheel drive if a recent report is correct.

According to a recent report, the highly-anticipated BMW Z2 could be launched as early as 2014.

While that sounds rather promising, there's a big caveat as Car Magazine says the model would be based on the upcoming front-wheel drive UKL1 platform. However, there's speculation the Z2 could come equipped with all-wheel drive to fix the handling tradeoffs.

The other option is delaying the Z2, until 2015 or 2016, and using the rear-wheel drive platform from the 2-Series (the renamed coupe and convertible variants of the 2012 1-Series).

Regardless of what BMW decides, the Z2 is expected to be offered as a coupe and convertible with a variety of 2.0-liter engines that have outputs ranging from 170 PS (100 kW / 168 hp) to 272 PS (200 kW / 268 hp).