Concept based on Chevy Cobalt features an aerodynamic kit and a spacious cabin feel.

Chevrolet has introduced another concept at the Buenos Aires International Motor Show, this one based on the Chevy Cobalt.

The Chevy Cobalt Concept is also a creation of the GM Design Center South America and features a few changes from the standard Cobalt, such as a steeper sloped windscreen, that offer an airier cabin feel.

The concept on display in the Argentinian capital comes painted in Smoke Beige with an aerodynamic kit that features an integrated twin chrome exhaust at the rear. The prototype comes fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels in 255/45R17 tires.

Possible engines for this Cobalt will include a series of petrol/gasoline units ranging in displacement from 1.3 liters to 1.8 that will also be flex fuel and able to run on ethanol. Diesel units are also a fit for this concept.

On the inside is a finish that stays with the airy-cabin theme with a two-tone scheme in Urban (dark) Gray and Very Light Platinum.

Tech features include navigation and entertainment systems with two 7-inch screens for the rear seats.

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