Rally concept pickup truck features technology for quickly replacing the air in the cabin.

This is the Colorado Rally concept based on the Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck which GM has introduced at the 5th International Motor Show in Buenos Aires.

This is the second concept developed by GM intending to show where the automaker will be taking the next-generation of the Chevy pickup. The first was the Colorado Show Truck which debuted at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March.

The Colorado Rally was created by GM's South American design team and features four-wheel drive and 18-inch aluminum rims wrapped in 305/60R18 tires. Power comes from a 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine, just as on the Bangkok show truck.

The pickup is fitted with 140 mm high-performance shock absorbers and a height-adjustable suspension. A 5.5 horsepower winch is installed on both the front and rear bumpers with a 23-meter-long steel cable (75 feet) and 4-tons of traction capacity. All external lights are LED tech.

Outside is a finish in a White Pearl paint with a contrasting interior dash in an ash-colored leather with orange stitching for the sport seats. Along with a roll cage, the Colorado Rally features a center console with all the proper dials for a rally racer including tire pressure adjustment, a control for the stiffness of the dampers and one to operate fire-extinguishers.

An Air Boost system can quickly replace the air in the cabin (through a compressed air system) and a Hydration Pack makes sure the driver and co-pilot are properly hydrated while continuing to run the race.

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