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As an adult, seeing a dump truck at work immediately recalls being a little kid in a sandbox and hauling loads of rocks and plastic army men in the back of a yellow Tonka truck. Designer Artyom Trofimenko apparently has similar memories because his rendering of a fictional Volvo Trucks 300E dump truck looks like the grown-up version of the playground classic.

Volvo R300E Rendering

Trofimenko imagines this angular machine as being the largest dump truck in the Volvo Trucks lineup and capable of carrying a ludicrous 300 tons. To handle hauling so much weight, the 300E would have a General Electric GE9X turbine engine. Certain versions of this powerplant produce up to 105,000 lb-feet (142,361 Newton-meters) of thrust. It doesn’t generally power massive trucks, though, because this mill motivates the upcoming Boeing 777X family of jets.

Massive dump trucks like this generally work in mining operations and rock quarries for carrying away loads on unwanted material out of the pit. These demands necessitate a vehicle capable of working long hours under heavy stress. Therefore, the 300E's design is all about utility. There's a tiny area for the driver that requires climbing a ladder up the grille to access. Massive cylindrical tanks on each side of the truck carry the significant amount fuel that's necessary to keep such a huge vehicle like this working. The rest of the rig is specifically for the job of hauling a whole lot of stuff. 

Trofimenko created this design in just a week as a way to hone his skills. For such a short development time, the rendering is some very impressive work.

Source: Artyom Trofimenko via Behance

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