"60 years Unimog" design concept was inspired by the look of a poison dart frog.

You may not have known that Mercedes-Benz has a specific division, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks (MBS), for building trucks like the Unimog.

You may not particularly want to know after looking at this frog-inspired design concept meant to celebrate 60 years of the Unimog.

But the Unimog is something unique and we can rest easy as Mercedes-Benz isn't planning on taking this design concept to production.

The design concept "60 years Unimog" is based on the Unimog U 5000 chassis and with headlights made to look like stage lamps, its coil springs painted red and the mudguards green, the look was inspired by the poison dart frog, according to Bertrand Janssen, a member of Mercedes-Benz's commercial vehicle design team. They definitely got that part right.

The first Unimog rolled off the assembly line back on June 3, 1951 at Mercedes-Benz's Gaggenau plant, an event the German automaker celebrated last week on the same day at the Daimler plant in Wörth where the current Unimog is built.

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