Facelifted Chevrolet Impala gets a new 3.6 liter DOHC V6 power plant and a new mesh grille for the 2012 model.

These images of the upcoming 2012 Chevrolet Impala were taken from the GM Car & Truck Guide found on the GM Fleet website.

Details are still few but the facelifted Impala gets a new 3.6 liter DOHC V6 engine that is (E85) Flex-Fuel capable. No output details were published in the guide, but since the current 2011 Impala comes with a 3.5 liter OHV unit with 211 bhp (157 kW / 214 PS) and 216 lb-ft (293 Nm) of torque, there may be a modest power boost.

Transmission will be a six-speed automatic and the new Impala gets that cool mesh grille too.

The real upgrade will likely come with the next-generation Impala due in 2014.

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