U.S. rapper Eminem takes legal action against Audi for A6 ad that mimics his commercial for the Chrysler 200.

Audi has a new ad for the A6 which, depending on interpretation, is either a rip-off of or an ironic take on the 'Imported from Detroit' Superbowl ad (see below) for the Chrysler 200 featuring rapper Eminem.

The Detroit native Eminem seems to believe the former and his representatives have filed a suit in a German court claiming copyright infringement of his song "Lose Yourself" which is used in the Chrysler ad with very similar music on the soundtrack of the A6 spot.

"It's stunning," said Eight Mile Style manager Joel Martin to the Detroit Free Press, the company that manages song licensing for Eminem. "What makes it extraordinary is the similarity to the way Chrysler is using (the song). We saw it and said, 'This has got to be a joke.' "

Well, we're pretty sure Audi believes it's a joke too. The music used in the Audi ad is just different enough to avoid copyright infringement issues and the mimicking of the drive through Detroit with a drive through Berlin with the A6 may seem a little arrogant, but the ad is for a domestic market where most German consumers have probably never seen the Superbowl ad.