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The BMW M2 Competition is one hell of a sports coupe. It’s a very well balanced track beast with one of the best 3.0-liter engines on the market today. In this application, it’s good for 405 horsepower (302 kilowatts) and 406 pound-feet (550 Newton-meters), which is a respectable amount of power for an approximately 3,600-pound (3,600 lbs / 1,632 kg with the manual and 3,655 lbs / 1,658 kg with the automatic) two-door coupe.

Need proofs? Here’s one quite convincing such coming from our colleagues at AutoSport. These folks managed to lap the legendary Nurburgring track in Germany in just 7 minutes and 52.36 seconds, which puts the car almost on par (with just a few tenths of a second behind) with the regular BMW M4 and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. Pretty impressive for a $58,900 coupe, right?

Basically an M2 on steroids with the engine of the larger M3/M4 duo, the M2 Competition can be seen reaching speeds in excess of 155 miles per hour (255 kilometers per hour) in some sections of the Green Hell (video at the top). This particular example is equipped with the optional automatic gearbox which, frankly speaking, might not be the most engaging, but ensures better lap times, especially at demanding tracks like the ‘Ring.

It’s important to note that AutoSport’s time is just two seconds slower than BMW’s official time at the circuit. The Bavarian company recorded 7:50 minutes with test driver Jorg Weidinger behind the wheel.

What do you think now? It’s fast, isn’t it? Now better hurry up and go order one. Be prepared to pay no less than $67,120 (including $995 for destination) if you tick all the boxes from the options list. Be prepared: you'll be tempted.

Source: AutoSport on YouTube

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