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Formula One teams are about to arrive in the United States for a race at the Circuit of the Americas. The green flag doesn't drop until October 21, though. In the meantime, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen has taken the time to enjoy America by racing across the country in his F1 car. 

Verstappen starts in the Rocky Mountains at the Continental Divide in Colorado. After enjoying the mountain roads, he arrives in a tiny town where the team is waiting to refuel his car. The little gas station must have some seriously high octane available to feed Verstappen's Formula One car. 

Then, things get really exciting because Verstappen diverts off the paved highway for a dirt road that cuts through the rocks. The car doesn't appear to be carrying too much speed, but it's still amazing to see one of these racing machines driving in such an exotic place. We wish we could have heard what the engine sounded like when reverberating off the boulders.

Fast forward a couple thousand miles, Verstappen is in Miami all of a sudden. Taking a cue from the old days of racing on Daytona Beach, Verstappen blasts through the sand in Miami. He then cruises through the city before meeting up with Daniel Ricciardo.

At the end, the two of them joke about finding out whether the city would be the right place for an F1 race. That's not going to be possible for the rest of the grid for a couple years, though. In July, the series' organizers announced that the Miami Grand Prix wasn't going to be on the calendar until at least 2020 – or maybe even later.

The team made a similar video with Verstappen's current teammate Ricciardo in August. The clip is embedded below in case you missed it.


Source: Aston Martin Red Bull Racing via YouTube via Autoblog

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