This video makes a very compelling case why street racing is both stupid and dangerous. We'll try not to get too preachy here, but there are so many facepalm moments in this crazy clip that must be pointed out. First things first – the driver of this older Fox Body Ford Mustang received just minor injuries and nobody else was involved, so that’s a good thing. Considering this 'Stang was virtually cut in half, it’s a straight-up miracle he survived at all.

The location of this crash isn’t known, nor do we have any in-depth details on the car or its driver. Frankly, none of that matters, because this clip could represent any street in America. And the car could be any garage project built by someone with perhaps more mechanical skill than basic common sense. Why do we say that? Let’s count the ways, beginning with the location.

Sure, this section of road is straight and it seems secluded, but if this had been an actual track the car would’ve bounced off a concrete wall instead of impaling itself on a telephone pole. In fact, the entire stretch of road is lined with telephone poles just off the shoulder. One small mistake and well, you can see what might happen.

The Mustang seems to have no shortage of power, but it also seems to have no roll cage. Folks, there’s a reason why such equipment is mandatory for high-powered cars drag racing in the National Hot Rod Association. Sure, it’s tempting to skirt such measures when building a janky race car, but a cage isn’t that hard to put together, and when you're building a car like this, the weight and cost is negligible. That’s especially true for a Fox Body Mustang, which isn’t the most structurally sound car out there. Had a proper cage been installed in this car it would not have split like a banana. Take a close look at this photo – the front clip is nearly perpendicular to the rest of the car.

Ford Mustang Street Race Crash

And then we have the driver, who prepared for the big race by donning the same apparel we’d choose for a leisurely drive to the coffee shop. We don’t even see a helmet on that guy’s head, never mind anything else that might actually protect him in the event of a crash. Seriously, you can buy a Snell-certified full-face helmet for under $200, or at the very least, you can get a generic helmet for under $100. That's chump change for anyone even thinking about drag racing.

Ford Mustang Street Race Crash
Ford Mustang Street Race Crash

According to the video, the driver suffered a broken shoulder, broken jaw, and lost a few teeth. If he’d been wearing a full-face helmet his jaw and teeth would likely be fine. If the car had a roll cage, his shoulder would’ve likely been fine. And if he’d actually spent $20 to race during a test-and-tune night, he’d probably still have a car as well.

So many life lessons to be learned from this video. The biggest? Take it to the track, people.

Source: 1320video via YouTube

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