Bulgarian design house Vilner remakes the MINI Cooper S into a luxurious would-be Bentley.

Bulgarian design house Vilner happened upon the idea to create its own luxuriated MINI Cooper S after seeing the MINI Goodwood; a project of Rolls-Royce Design.

Vilner's idea this time was to remake the MINI Cooper S more in the style of a Bentley and created an interior that resonates with a Bentley sensibility. The finish comes in brown Nappa leather and Alcantara in a diamond-shaped theme complimented by the black leather trims on the inside door panels.

On the outside is a matte-gray foil-wrap with black racing stripes and a black roof. Wheels are new 18-inch alloys also in a subtle but sturdy matte finish.

Gallery: Vilner gives MINI Cooper S the Goodwood treatment

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