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Truth be told, we’re afraid of the automotive industry’s autonomous future. Not of the technology itself, but of the fact that we won’t be able to drive cars anymore. Fortunately, Porsche is with us on this and it will have a solution that satisfies petrolheads like us. Does that mean that we’ll all have to buy Porsches? We can live with that.

During Rennsport Reunion VI last month, the automaker’s North American CEO, Klaus Zellmer, discussed with Motor Authority Porsche’s vision on the autonomous vehicles. He explained that the cars from the Stuttgart-based manufacturer won’t ever lose their pedals and steering wheels, but will still feature some self-driving technologies.

"Our plan is to always have the steering wheel and always have the pedals and potentially to even have the manual gearbox to really engage with the car and to do it all yourself,” he told the publication. “But, our customers always want it all. They want the possibility to use autonomous drive mode but they want to really engage with the car as well."

Simply put, Porsche will let drivers pilot their cars when they want to have fun, but will also equip them with all the necessary technologies to let them take over when drivers want to rest and not engage with driving. Given that, future Porsches could go to Level 3, or even Level 4, autonomous systems, but will never reach Level 5 where the car can do all the driving and has not steering wheel or pedals.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept
Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo concept

"All these assistance systems help you in certain traffic situations to give away some of the burden of driving, and there are certain traffic situations where it’s just not enjoyable,” Zellmer added. “Our take rates for (adaptive) cruise control are just as high as any other car brand, and that’s why in certain traffic situations, our customers will want that car to take them home without engaging personally."

Source: Motor Authority

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