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Should we be concerned at this point? It seems like we’re seeing new larger-than-life armored vehicles cropping up on a weekly basis. The latest example comes from a company called Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, and as you can see, it’s not what we’d call a looker. Of course, we’d never say that to its face, because we’re pretty sure some kind of matter-incinerator death beams would shoot from its headlights and turn us to dust.

The official name for this armored personnel carrier is Superior, and it seems to be a very fitting name indeed. Naturally it's four-wheel drive, with power coming from an International inline-six diesel making 330 horsepower (246 kilowatts) and 950 pound-feet (1288 Newton-meters) of torque. That’s not very much for something this large, but it’s enough to grant the Superior a top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h).

Its true mission isn’t speed, but survivability. To that end it boasts a BR7 armor level, meaning it can stop high-power rifle fire and withstand explosions equivalent to a pair of hand grenades. Once the surroundings are clear of hostiles, up to 14 people can pile out of the back via a nifty hydraulic ramp, or if things go wrong, there’s an escape hatch up top. Frankly, it would be impossible to not feel like a total badass just sitting in the back of that awesome black interior with its red strip lights, so we’d be happy just staying there playing some Halo.

Inkas Superior APC
Inkas Superior APC
Inkas Superior APC
Inkas Superior APC

Unlike some of the other combat-ready off-roaders we’ve seen recently, Inkas doesn’t mention any sort of self-contained ventilation system to fend off biological or nuclear hazards. It does come with thermal vision gear, however, and Inkas is keen to mention the Superior is a modular platform, so all kind of customization is available. 

Speaking of availability, Inkas doesn’t specify whether it will sell the Superior to the average Joe with a penchant for tough trucks. Military and law enforcement agencies are obviously the targeted buyers, but the inclusion of mirrors, turn signals, and proper lights tell us it should be a street-legal entity. Considering we just reported on a freaking military-spec 8x8 APC that a bunch of guys bought in Michigan, we suspect Inkas would build one for you – provided you showed up with the right amount of money.

Source: Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

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INKAS® presents its new technological advancement – INKAS® Superior APC

The new multipurpose vehicle by INKAS® Armored, the INKAS® Superior APC is a capable vehicle specifically built to transport personnel and aid in search and rescue operations in any terrain.

Time and time again, the North American leader in armored vehicle production, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, does not cease to amaze with its new developments. Following its successful deployment of the INKAS® Sentry MPV earlier this summer, the company has unveiled the INKAS® Superior APC / AMEV 4x4.


“We’re pleased to present the new INKAS® Superior APC which offers unique capabilities and a flexible system enabling it to be used across a broad range of missions,” says David Khazanski, CEO, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. “Our goal was to manufacture a solid platform that above all else, can transport personnel and wounded passengers in an efficient and secure manner.”


INKAS® Superior Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) / Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle (AMEV) is a multipurpose vehicle masterfully designed to accommodate harsh environments and rough terrains while safely transporting up to 14 personnel or up to 2 personnel and 6 wounded passengers. The vehicle can be deployed within law enforcement, paramilitary and peacekeeping operations and its modular foundation enables a vast array of additional components to be equipped with ease.


In terms of unique features, the Superior APC/AMEV offers a hydraulic rear ramp system enabling the easy loading of wounded passengers, an upgraded optics package featuring PTZ infrared and thermal processing as well as numerous drivetrain and suspension modifications which ensure that the CEN BR7 rated vehicle performs well on any terrain and in any climate condition.


The vehicle is powered by an inline-6 diesel engine producing 330 horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque capable of reaching a tested top speed of 130km/h. The vehicle also features a 5th generation Allison 3000 push button transmission, a 10,000lb-ft rated transfer case and an electro-hydraulic fuel system. When compared to other similarly-sized vehicles, the INKAS® Superior APC / AMEV outperforms in terms of both mobility and dependability while offering a strong platform for additional customizations.


INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing facilitates the global delivery of the vehicle to all major seaports as well as it has an ability to arrange airfreight upon special request. The INKAS® Superior’s competitive price makes the vehicle accessible for Ministries of Defence, police and other security agencies.


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