Technology trickling down from the S-Class will be featured in next-generation A- and B-Class models.

Mercedes-Benz will be offering the next-generation A-Class and B-Class models with more technology to attract younger buyers.

Some of the technologies will be coming from top-end models such as the S-Class in a bid by Mercedes-Benz to match the average age of its competitors' customers. The average age of a Mercedes buyer in the United States is 54. For BMW it is 50 and for Audi, 48.

Mercedes will be outfitting their smaller cars with features such as a radar-controlled collision prevention system and on-board Internet connectivity. The next-generation B-Class will also be getting more powerful engines borrowed from the C-Class in order to make the model more attractive.

But pricing may also be a factor in terms of customer appeal and adding technology and offering more powerful engines can only drive costs up. The B-Class is already pricy compared to its competitors. It starts at €24,300 in Germany while the BMW 1-Series has an entry price of €22,200 and the Audi A3 starts at €20,950.

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