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Last month we got our first look at this cool little Lego Audi Sport Quattro, designed and built by Lego enthusiast and Audi superfan Tom Enders. As luck would have it, we weren’t the only ones to see it. The small S1 Pikes Peak replica caught the eyes of people at Audi, and the two worlds recently met at the automaker’s headquarters in Ingolstadt for a very cool photo op.

The car in question is the highly modified 1987 S1 that went up the famous hill faster than everyone else back in the day. The extreme Audi was driven by Walter Röhrl and packed a 2.1-liter I5 under the hood that was turbocharged to within an inch of its life. The car’s distinctive body kit with massive front and rear spoilers was absolutely impossible to miss, and its winning time of 10:47.85 wasn’t shabby either – especially when you consider a good portion of the course back then was still dirt.


Today the car exists at Audi’s HQ in Ingolstadt, and the automaker invited Enders to bring his mini-me Quattro for a family reunion of sorts. In addition to checking out the actual race car, Enders was treated to a factory tour. Naturally, photographers were on-hand to get photos, and seeing both cars in the same space shows just how much detail went into this build.

Lego Audi S1 Pikes Peak Car
Lego Audi S1 Pikes Peak Car

The mini-Audi was submitted to Lego Ideas for consideration as a potential future Lego product. It’s already cleared the first stage by getting 100 supporters in its first 60 days on the site. The reward for that milestone is an extra year to hit the next turning point of 1,000 supporters. However, there’s still a long way to go for mini S1 to actually be considered by Lego execs. That requires 10,000 supporters, and right now the count sits at 427.

Still, it must feel great knowing one of those supporters is Audi.

Photos courtesy of Thomas Enders, Audi.

Source: Audi Tradition via Instagram, Tom_hansson1974 via Instagram

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