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Save for the 1980s-inspired body graphics and the custom wheels, this appears to be a pretty ordinary BMW M550d xDrive, right? Looks can be deceiving as the diesel-fueled midsize luxury sedan has been turned into an absolute monster with more power than you could ever need from a vehicle in this class. Equipped as standard with the strongest six-cylinder diesel engine in the automotive area as per BMW’s statement, the ultimate 5 Series diesel is already insanely powerful considering it packs 394 hp and a massive 560 pound-feet (760 Newton-meters).

The aftermarket specialists at mcchip-dkr want to prove to the tuning scene there’s always room for improvements even when dealing with an already high-powered BMW. Case in point, owners of the M550d xDrive can pay €1,399 ($1,605) for a stage one kit increasing output of the quad-turbo six-cylinder engine to 464 hp and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque. The upgrade package unlocks a top speed of 180 mph (290 kph), which is already a lot more than the electronically governed 155 mph (250 kph) of the standard car.

Should you desire even more, the M550d xDrive with the stage two kit offers 508 hp and a mountain-moving 638 lb-ft (865 Nm). It’ll set you back €1,679 ($1,930) and is going to enable the diesel rocket reach a top speed of 183 mph (295 kph).

Those wheels we’ve mentioned earlier are a 20-inch set from mbDESIGN and come with Continental ContiSportContact tires measuring 255/35 R20 at the front axle and 285/30 R20 for the rear. The new shoes are complemented by a KW coilover suspension system making the M550d xDrive look a bit more aggressive without overdoing it.

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Whether it is about "ordinary" chip tuning or a very special kind of absolutely professional performance improvements, mcchip-dkr in the Rhenish Mechernich is exactly the right contact partner for both sectors – and much more! Under the leadership of company founder and CEO Danny KUBASIK, a team of more than 20 specialists is responsible for the activities in the motor- and clubsport, but also for the optimization of trucks and agricultural vehicles.

This time a BMW M550d xDrive G30 had to "serve". Innately, the Bavarian already got equipped with 400 HP (= 294 kW), means 760 Nm are pulling at the cardan shaft and hence delivers a Vmax of 250 km/h onto the scale. At least now, the crew in Mechernich strikes! Mcchip-dkr offers a chip tuning called Stage 1 for the price of € 1,399.00, presenting a performance of 470 HP (= 346 kW), 850 Nm of torque and a Vmax of 290 km/h. Installed in the project vehicle, however, was a Stage-2 chip tuning. That means, 515 HP (= 379 kW), 865 Nm max. torque and a Vmax of 295 km/h are now freely available for 1.679,00 Euro.

With regard to the wheel-tire combination as a link between the vehicle and the road, it can be reported that the mcchip-dkr team - after installing a KW coil-over suspension variant 3 - has installed mbDESIGN's KV1 rims with Continental ContiSportContact.
Namely on the front axle in 9 x 20 inches with 255/35 R20 and in 10.5 x 20 inches with 285/30 R20 on the rear axle. If appearance and performance of a vehicle are convincing, as in this case, one can justifiably speak of a milestone. One of several from mcchip-dkr

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