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Supercar owners. A rare breed of auto enthusiasts doing everything possible to grab people’s attention. Thankfully, not all mid-engine lovers are keeping their gems hidden in well-ventilated parking spaces – some of them actually drive them. And have a lot of fun.

This guy here takes his all-black Ferrari FF for a short ride around what appears to be a closed mountain hotel complex. We were not able to learn where this video is filmed from the comments, but it’s probably somewhere in Switzerland or France. Actually, does it really matter?



The guy behind the wheel is not doing something really special with the car, but it still looks like a lot of fun. With four driving wheels and plenty of power, it’s not that difficult to slide a car on grass or snow. It’s not even difficult to drift it on dry asphalt, but that’s another topic.

What this guy is doing reminds us of a couple of other supercar owners having an idea of how to use them properly. Remember the pair of Bugattis going off-road on a closed route? Or the Ferrari F40 drifting around an empty farm? How about the Lamborghini Miura playing in the snow?

Back to the Ferrari FF, it’s no longer the company’s newest naturally-aspirated V12 model, as it was replaced by the GTC4Lusso. Still, the FF has a massive 6.3-liter 12-cylinder motor under the hood pushing out a respectable 651 horsepower (485 kilowatts) at 8,000 rpm and 504 pound-feet (683 Newton-meters) of torque at 6,000 rpm. That’s impressive even by today’s standards and, as visible from the video above, more than enough to hoon around an empty grass field.

Source: Les voitures de GO FAST on Facebook

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