You have to see this crash to believe it.

Folks, cars crash every single day. In 99.9 percent of those crashes, however, the vehicles aren’t neatly stacked like a couple Legos mistakenly left on the carpet by your creative-minded child, or possibly an absent-minded grown adult. As you can guess by the tone of this article, nobody was killed in this crazy crash, which took place yesterday near Prescott, Arizona. In fact, nobody was even injured in this exceptional collision.


So what happened? According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office through the above Facebook post, the white Mazda pickup truck was hit by an unknown black truck traveling in the same direction. This caused the driver in the Mazda to lose control, sending the pickup into opposing traffic where a second collision occurred, this time with a black car. Mind you, we haven’t even gotten to the pancaked red vehicle yet.

The collision with the black car (pictured in the Facebook post above) sent the pickup airborne, allegedly flipping through the air when it came to rest on the red car, which despite a seriously mangled front clip we can still identify as a current-generation Honda CR-V. Judging by the damage we can only assume the Mazda didn’t so much land on the roof of the SUV as it did spiral up to the top, because the hood on that Honda is seriously crunched. And again, there wasn’t a single injury in this melee. Absolutely amazing.

For those keeping track, you might realize there’s a vehicle missing from these photos. According to the Facebook post, the original black truck that set all this in motion didn’t stick around. It fled the scene, and yes, the Prescott Police Department would very much like to track that driver down.

One thing that’s mentioned a few times in the post is the fact that everyone involved – that is, everyone involved who didn’t leave the scene of the accident – was wearing a seat belt. We know seat belts can save lives, but if you ever needed a clear reason to wear one, here you go.

Stay safe out there friends. You never know when a series of unfortunate events could see you resting on top of a Honda SUV.

Source: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

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