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Singer Vehicle Design's Porsche restorations set the standard for modernizing a classic vehicle without losing what makes the machine so special in the first place. The California-based firm has now completed work on its 100th 911, and it has visited Jay Leno's Garage before going to the owner in Alabama.

The hundredth Singer-restored 911 sticks with the company's standard 4.0-liter flat six rather than Williams Engineering's 500-horsepower (373-kilowatt) version. Still, the powerplant pumps out 390 hp (291 kW) and 315 pound-feet (427 Newton-meters), and this is plenty to motivate the 2,670-pound (1,211-kilogram) Porsche. It's a healthy upgrade over the standard 964-generation 911's 247-hp (184-kW) 3.6-liter mill, too.

Singer retains the 964's steel monocoque but overhauls the rest of the car. The entire body, except for the doors, is now carbon fiber. An Öhlins TTX suspension handles the bumps, and brakes from a 993-generation 911 Turbo handle slowing things down. An FIA-rated fuel cell hides under the hood.

This owner deserves a pat on the back for the color choices on this 911. The exterior is in a subtly pearlescent shade called Lunar Silver, and the cabin is a dark purple hue called Blackberry. While purple upholstery might seem weird at first, it looks fantastic in Singer's woven mix of suede and leather. Rather than hardcore racing buckets, this Porsche leans more towards the touring demeanor on the inside with eight-way adjustable seats. "Singer 100" embroidery on the floor mats also identifies this machine as something extra special.

Singer started in 2008, so reaching the 100-vehicle mark took 10 years. The company has plenty of work ahead, too, because according to Tim Gregorio in this video the firm has deposits for another 130 cars. That means there are plenty of Singer-restored 911s to wow us in the years to come.

Source: Jay Leno's Garage via YouTube

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