LCD Instrument cluster will have various display settings to also accommodate additional driver information.

BMW is working on a new LCD instrument panel which will replace analogue gauges on the next-generation 5- and 7-Series models.

The LCD instrument cluster would be fully-configurable and match that of competitors such as Mercedes-Benz which has had one in the S-Class already for some time.

The system would be able to display the speedometer and tachometer as well as the fuel and temperature gauges but can also be configured to add navigation or telematics information.

The instrument cluster would also be linked to drive settings. For example, in sport mode the tachometer would be in the center of the LCD instrument cluster display and the panel would provide shift signals for the driver.

But BMW is not looking to over-complicate things after early customer confusion problems with its iDrive system several years ago. The LCD screen will display information in a flexible way but BMW will keeping user-settings to a minimum.

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