Next C7 Corvette will feature a more nimble V8 of not much more than 3.0 liters in displacement.

GM is promising a very different Chevrolet Corvette for the next-generation of the model.

According to a report by the, the next C7 Corvette will be getting a small-displacement turbocharged V8 engine. The new unit will make the model more competitive with European sports cars such as Ferrari and Porsche.

And small displacement means quite tiny for a V8 configuration - a little more than 3.0 liters, according to the report. That sounds a little too small to us, but, that's what GM sources appear to be telling the local publication.

The engine will feature around 400 bhp (298 kW / 406 PS) and its overhead-cam design will make it a more nimble unit for handling.

But GM will be offering other engines in the new C7 Corvette with a more traditional Corvette approach including a big-block V8 with overhead valves.

The next C7 Corvette is due to debut sometime in 2013.