Remember when a Nissan GT-R dueled with a BMW M4 on a quarter-mile drag strip? Well, Godzilla destroyed the Bimmer at that time. It was a tight race, though, but the Japanese sports car still prevailed at the end. 

So, when we stumbled upon a similar drag race between these two cars again, albeit the BMW was an M440i, we really thought it would end up the same. Apparently, it ended quite differently than before. It was the GT-R that got destroyed this time. Literally.

As you can see in the video, the GT-R lost its traction and control altogether and skid off its straight-line path. It went over to the other lane and crashed on the walls, obliterating its front bumper in the process. It was a gruesome scene, and it broke our JDM-loving hearts. 

So, what happened there? We're not quite sure, actually. It seems like the weather was cold. One of the commenters on the Youtube video pointed out that the temperature during that night was 42 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celcius). But does that really affect anything?

For one, if the temperature was, in fact, that cold, the water molecules in the air would condense, which would mean increased moisture on the track's surface. This could affect the traction of the tires. Now, with 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque pushing on all wheels (assuming that the GT-R was stock), it would be hard to control once you start slipping. You could see on the video that the driver was mistakenly headed towards the left while at the middle of the stretch, which tells us that he had some problem controlling the car. He tried to counter the error, and that's when everything went haywire. But that's just how we see it. 

In any case, the M440i was lucky to be able to brake before the GT-R crossed its path. That could have led to a more serious crash if it didn't.

Source: Wheels via Youtube


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