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The new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra were revealed to the world way back at the beginning of the year. We’re now into October and we know pretty much everything there is about these new-for-2019 trucks – except details on the new 3.0-liter diesel option. General Motors hasn’t released anything official for either pickup, but the team over at got a tip on stats showing up on GM’s Canadian dealer website.

A few screengrabs were sent to the site from a savvy Fast Lane reader, and what do they show? The new inline-six diesel – as fitted to the Sierra anyway – is listed as making 282 horsepower (210 kilowatts) and 450 pound-feet (610 Newton-meters) of torque. If those numbers are accurate, the Silverado and Sierra would be class leaders in the half-ton diesel pickup segment, edging out Ford and Ram in the twist department while trouncing them both in available horsepower.

GM Duramax Diesel Specs Leak
GM Duramax Diesel Specs Leak

There is a potential downside to having the most power, however. The numbers also show a fuel mileage rating of 28 mpg on the highway, which is lower than expected and falls under the diesel-powered Ford F-150 by a few notches. It’s important to note that this figure isn’t from the EPA, so if it’s indeed the real deal, it would be a GM estimate.

What other tidbits might be found in this info? At least for the Sierra, the diesel option won’t be offered on the base model so you'll have to spec-up your Sierra to get it. When equipped, a diesel-powered Sierra can tow 7,800 pounds, which is actually significantly lower than the diesel-equipped F-150. Interesting.

Apparently, the info was taken down from GM Canada’s dealer site not long after this leak so we can’t jump online to verify the info for ourselves. Similarly, GMC had no comment for us on the matter. Still, all the pieces seem to indicate these numbers could be the real deal. And with most of the year already behind us, official word from GM on the diesel capabilities of the Silverado and Sierra should be just around the corner.


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