A new survey has revealed which drivers are the worst on U.K. roads, and the results might not surprise you.

Insurance comparison site GoCompare surveyed 2,000 people to find out who they thought were the worst drivers on U.K. roads and 24 percent of those polled said that BMW were the biggest nuisance on our roads.

That number varied between regions, but in Northern Ireland, BMW drivers were the most disliked with 35 percent, followed by East Midlands with 31.2 percent.

Second on the list was Ford Transit drivers, despite a recent study suggesting that van drivers are the safest in Britain. For every 100,000 miles (161,000 kilometers) traveled, vans are involved in 3.8 times fewer accidents with injuries than cars. In fact, 32.8 percent of van drivers also pointed the finger at BMW drivers, as did a good number of cyclists and motorcyclists.

There was a clear difference between BMW driver and van drivers when it came to the age of those surveyed. Drivers aged between 45-64 mostly thought Transit drivers were the worst on the roads, but those aged 44 and younger thought drivers of German cars were the worst, with Audi drivers ranked second-worst younger age brackets.

Among the younger generations, the stereotype of van drivers being the worst on the roads appears to be dying out. The survey showed that only one in ten 18-24-year-olds thought that van drivers were the worst, but three in ten 55-64-year-olds adhered to the old stereotype, suggesting a clear change in attitude with the younger generations. Speaking of stereotypes, Peugeot drivers are often subject to some less-than-complimentary motoring stereotypes, but the French firm didn't even make the list.

Black cab drivers came in at a clear third in the survey, with more than 14 percent of the survey less than impressed with them. Black cab drivers were voted worse than Audi drivers, while Ferrari drivers were voted the fifth worst on the road – but one wonders how reliable that is. You don't see too many Ferrari on the road, do you?

Other standouts include Mercedes, which faired better, if you can call it that, than its German rivals by coming in at eighth on the list. Volkswagen Golf and Opel/Vauxhall Astra drivers also made it into the "top" 10.

Here are 13 vehicle types UK drivers believe make the worst drivers on the roads:

1. BMW - 24 percent
2. Ford Transit - 21.8 percent
3. Black Cab - 14.1 percent
4. Audi - 9 percent
5. Ferrari - 6.3 percent
6. Porsche - 5.7 percent
7. Subaru - 4.2 percent
8. Mercedes - 4.1 percent
9. VW Golf - 2.9 percent
10. Vauxhall Astra - 2.5 percent
11. Toyota Prius - 2.1 percent
12. Ford Focus - 1.9 percent
13. Lexus - 1.5 percent

You can find the GoCompare campaign that revealed these results here

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