One-of-a-kind vehicle built by a hobby engineer.

The Petersen Automotive Museum is seeking your support to restore a forgotten sports car. The 1965 Corwin Getaway is a fiberglass two-seater built in Los Angeles by African-American Cliff Hall, a newspaper photographer and a hobby engineer, with a traditional mid-engine configuration, a revolution for the early 1960s.

The museum is using the Indiegogo platform to ask its supporters for a help restoring the vehicle as part of its 25th-anniversary celebration. The plan is to bring the car back to its former glory with original color and equipment. The organization is hoping to raise no less than $35,000, but so far, with two months left until the end of the donation campaign, just $1,020 have been raised.

The lowest available donation is $5, for which in return you’ll get a wallpaper pack with seven images. If you go for the most expensive $900 option, you’ll be offered a 45-minute ride in the car once it’s restored. It’s important to note that only seven such packs are available. Interestingly, for $250, you can attend the unveiling party of the car.

Back to the Corwin Getaway, Hall’s creation is powered by a Mazda-sourced engine and is produced in just a single copy. The Petersen Automotive Museum, located in Los Angeles, says that fifty-three years later the car “remains a testament to his [Cliff Hall’s] spirit of ambition, creativity, and entrepreneurship, character traits that know no racial or socioeconomic boundaries.”

What’s super impressive is that Hall is involved in the restoration process and plans to be present at the car’s intended post-restoration debut. The funding campaign ends on November 25th this year and we can only hope enough funds will be raised to bring the sole Corwin Getaway prototype back to life.

Source: Petersen Automotive Museum on Indiegogo

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