Porsche's engineers barely bother to camouflage the next-gen 911 anymore. This spy video catches a nearly undisguised test mule lapping the Nürburgring, and the coupe looks fantastic. 

After watching this clip several times looking for camouflage, there's not much to see. The car might have a strip of concealment underneath the taillights. There's also tape on the passenger side A-pillar, but the adhesive is for attaching a sensor to the roof, rather than hiding a part of the car. 

The new 911 features more advanced aerodynamic tech than the current model. Up front, there are active vanes in the lower fascia. If you watch very closely, they are at work in this clip. The two images below provide a better look at them, though.

2019 Porsche 911 spy photo
2019 Porsche 911 spy photo

At the back, the new 911 has a novel design for its active rear wing. In normal driving, it blends into the tail and looks like a natural part of the smooth design. However, the aerofoil can tilt upward as speeds increase. At the very beginning of this video, you can watch the wing extend.

The 911 in this clip has quad exhausts with a pair of outlets on each side, and we believe this denotes the model as the hotter Carrera S because some test mules only have two large, oval-shaped pipes back there. In addition, this one has yellow brake calipers, which indicates the vehicle has Porsche's ceramic-composite brakes. The high-tech stoppers aren't usually something you see on the base Carrera trim.

Given the lack of camouflage on this test mule and other recent models, a debut for the next-gen 911 has to be right around the corner. The next major show on the international calendar is the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. It's also possible that Porsche could simply stage a surprise online unveiling whenever the automaker feels the time is right.

Source: Motor1 US via YouTube via Automedia

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